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Heavy boots stomped along the path towards a certain aristocrat’s house, not that he was causing the heavy foot falls to prove a point, he just wasn’t paying attention. He was far too busy trying to fix up his tie, along with the collar of his white button up shirt. Not only was he failing to work out how to tie it properly, but he also happened to be trying to keep some flowers tucked under his arm.

This wasn’t the best of start offs-
He pretty much gave up with the tie and let it hang loose, leaving the top button undone so it would look like he totally did that on purpose. He knocked. Yes. Actually knocked on Roderich’s door, both hands clasping the flowers behind his back as he rocked on his heels, waiting for any sign of life— He hoped that Roderich was waking up from a nap, he always looked far too cute when he had bedhair-